Meto's guest songs for other doujin circles

Meto has contributed to other doujin circles' albums, usually doing composition/arrangement, but sometimes also vocals or illustrations. Most frequently, she works with “freelance” doujin vocalists that release albums with tracks by many different composers. This page lists all known albums and tracks to which Meto has contributed, organised by the album's release circle.

airy bird

The one-person doujin circle of vocalist mia.

Celestial Structures

A doujin circle comprised of several artists, with activities not limited to music, but also game development, writing, and V-tuber videos.

Colorful Days!! (からふるでいず!!)

Personal circle of musician Lemon beads.

el ma Riu

A doujin vocalist, composer and arranger, releasing works as a circle with the same name.

Eugenics Scarlet Divinity

The one-person doujin circle of composer EUGEN. Primarily focuses on orchestral and black metal.


The one-person doujin circle of vocalist Asagi Yuu.

Haccadrop. (ハッカドロップ。)

The one-person doujin circle of vocalist Sachi.

Hitotsunogatari. (​ひとつのがたり。)

A now-defunct doujin writing circle, with author Higuma Ikkaku as its only member.


The one-person doujin circle of vocalist Rihina.


A three-member doujin circle, with the members being the vocalists Uezono Chisa (high) and Homare (low), and the illustrator Shimao Yuki. (Uezono Chisa has also collaborated with Meto as a solo vocalist, see below)


A doujin circle centered around guitarist Tsukuyomi Eto (月詠エト). It was formed in 2019 but has not released anything until 2021.


A collaboration circle between several different female rock vocalists including Meto. They have released one album:

Otsukisama Koukyoukyoku (お月さま交響曲)

A doujin circle led by writer and occasional vocalist Ohmiya Minase, producing story albums featuring many different vocalists and composers.


A five-member doujin circle active until 2019.


The one-person doujin circle of composer and vocalist QURELESS. Primarily focuses on speedcore-style electronic music, but also occasionally makes pop/rock tracks.

Sakurakoneko* (桜仔猫*)

The one-person doujin circle of vocalist Takanashi Megumi.


The one-person doujin circle of musician Aokaze Souka.

Secret Messenger

The one-person doujin circle of musician Yuy, active across various genres.

Seidan Family (星団ファミリー)

A doujin VN development circle.

Sippo Okiba (しっぽ置き場)

One-person circle of musician and photographer Sippo. Has released both original albums and compilation albums containing music from various artists.

Treble Acis

An instrumental rock circle active from 2017 to 2018.

Trick Star's

A doujin game development circle.

Uezono Chisa (上園千紗)

A doujin musician not unlike Meto, primarily active as a vocalist and lyrics writer. She also develops freeware doujin games.