Meto's other works

This page documents Meto's activities that don't fall into one of the other categories (Metomate, rhythm game, UGUISUKAGURA, or doujin guest works).

Other original vocal songs

So far, Meto has created two original songs that are not part of a Metomate album, with plans to release more in the future.

Tenkahyakken -Zan- soundtrack

Tenkahyakken -Zan- (天華百剣 -斬-) is a bishoujo mobile action RPG about sword girls in a fictional historical period. It was initially published by KADOKAWA in 2017. Its soundtrack is a collaboration between various artists including Meto, who composed, arranged, and mixed the following three tracks:

The soundtrack has been digitally released in 2018 and is now available on various streaming services, including Spotify.