Meto's music for UGUISUKAGURA

UGUISUKAGURA (ウグイスカグラ) is a small visual novel development circle specialising in eroge (adult VNs with sexual content). They have been active since 2014, releasing four 18+ romance VNs since then, which have achieved decent popularity and good ratings. Their VNs are characterised by a slightly darker tone than other eroge, highlighting some of the worse sides of humanity.

Meto has been responsible for BGM and theme song composition/arrangement for all of UGUISUKAGURA's VNs so far. Despite the darker tone of UGUISUKAGURA VNs, Meto's music for them tends to be slightly more upbeat than her usual stuff. She also tends to use the piano less and other instruments more than usual. Her style is still very clearly recognisable though. The theme songs are composed and arranged by Meto, but performed by other doujin vocalists; so far there have been Aitsuki Nakuru and Ayane (アヤネ, not to be confused with the more well-known 彩音 of MAGES)

The four VNs which Meto has made music for are, in chronological order:

Kami no Ue no Mahoutsukai

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Released in 2014, this is UGUISUKAGURA's debut VN, about four girls and a library containing a magical book.

Suisou Ginka no Istoria

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UGUISUKAGURA's second VN, released in 2017. It is set in a superficially utopian city built on an artificial island.

Sora ni Kizanda Parallelogram

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UGUISUKAGURA's third VN, released in 2018, featuring the fantasy sport “terpischora” and several girls who aspire to master it.

Meikei no Lupercalia

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UGUISUKAGURA's newest VN, released in 2021, about a student theatre troupe performing a play about Norse mythology.