Listening to Meto's works

Digital streaming

For the most part, Metomate's music is not available on Spotify or any other streaming service. Meto has explained that this is because it would be unprofitable, as she is not well known... There are a few exceptions, however:

The situation is only slightly different for Meto's works outside of Metomate. Her higher-profile commercial stuff (rhythm game tracks, UGUISUKAGURA theme songs) tends to have more or less official YouTube uploads. The Tenkahyakken -Zan- soundtrack is also officially available on streaming services, as is the one-off original song Mei to Mei.

The situation varies a lot with Meto's doujin guest songs. Akenai Yoru is on YouTube and streaming services. in the world also has a YouTube upload. In cases where Meto contributed to an individual song that stands on its own (e.g. theme songs), it will also often have an official upload somewhere. Her contributions to doujin albums, however, are usually not available for streaming anywhere.

Digital purchases

All Metomate albums can be purchased as digital downloads on Metomate's BOOTH. This is almost certainly the easiest way to legally listen to Metomate's music in the west. The prices vary between 400 and 1600 yen, and all songs are available as FLAC or mp3, with a lyrics sheet included.

This also applies to some, but not all, doujin albums she has made guest appearances on; I recommend checking the respective circles' BOOTHs for more information.

Physical purchases

For the full Metomate experience — namely the beautiful booklet art accompanying each of the songs — you will have to buy the physical CDs.

The later albums, starting from Rebellion of the enchained birds, are available to buy from Metomate's BOOTH and various other stores, like Melonbooks and Akibaoo. The earlier albums, from Shinryoku no Eden to Karma, are out of print. They are sometimes available second hand on sites like Surugaya. For information on how to buy from Japanese online stores in the West, I recommend reading Merami fan's guide on the matter.

If you happen to be in Japan during the time of an event where Meto participates in (usually M3 and Comiket), then visiting her physical booth there and buying the albums from her directly is of course also an option.