Meto's Fanbox

Meto has a Fanbox, where she publishes blog posts, background information, and other similar content. For 300 yen (around $2 / 2€) per month, you can support her activities and gain access to all posts.

There is a new post every Friday, usually near the end of the day in Japan (so around 12:00 - 16:00 UTC). On the first Friday of every month, Meto publishes a freely available progress report, containing the schedule of planned Fanbox posts for the rest of the month. There is usually also an “idle talk” (雑談) section, containing news about past or future activities, recently finished artwork or music, or anything else Meto decides to talk about.

On other Fridays, she almost always writes about previously released music, in one of three formats:

With these posts, she follows her discography in reverse chronological order. For each album — starting with the most recent one in mid-2021 — she first publishes an album concept post, then liner notes for all songs from the album's first tracks to the last, interspersed with hi-res posts for select songs (usually 4 per album).

This regular schedule is sometimes interrupted, like at the end of 2021/beginning of 2022, when she released several posts about her newly released original vocaloid song Mei to Mei.

Most of the posts are not freely available, so I will not translate or repost them on this site. However, I aim to translate all the album concept posts. The following is an index of all of Meto's Fanbox posts, with the ones I have translated marked as such. In addition to these, I have also translated the introduction to her Fanbox page.

List of Fanbox posts (updated 2023-01-06)

General posts

Progress reports

All posts in this section are freely available.

Fanbox original songs

Album: Imashime to Juuichibanme no Aquarium

Album: Yumemiru Shoujo to Nanatsu no Shuumatsu

Album: Higan no Arcadia

Album: Piano Collection II

Album: Jiyuu to Juu to Juusan no Kusari