Metomate albums

The 11 main albums released as the circle Metomate, in reverse chronological order.

Imashime to Juuichibanme no Aquarium

“A full piano rock album that depicts the passions and the soothing commandments at the bottom of the sea.”

12 tracks, released 2021-04-25 (M3-47)

Yumemiru Shoujo to Nanatsu no Shuumatsu

“A Revelation that depicts the endings of egoism in piano and rock.”

8 tracks, released 2019-10-27 (M3-44)

Higan no Arcadia

“A piano rock album that depicts two girls who bloomed in the prison of broken affection.”

8 tracks, released 2019-04-28 (M3-43)

Piano Collection II

6 tracks, released 2018-10-28 (M3-42)

Jiyuu to Juu to Juusan no Kusari
(Rebellion of the Enchained Birds)

“A full piano rock album that depicts tranquility and lamentation.”

15 tracks, released 2018-04-29 (M3-41)


“It repeats. It cycles around. It starts to become filthy. Depressing piano rock that depicts human karma.”

4 tracks, released 2017-04-30 (M3-39)

Garden of Vacancy

4 tracks, released 2016-12-31 (Comiket 91)

Piano Collection I

6 tracks, released 2016-10-30 (M3-38)

Yumemiru Shoujo no Yottsu no Shuumatsu

5 tracks, released 2016-04-24 (M3-37)


3 tracks, released 2015-12-31 (Comiket 89)

Shinryoku no Eden

8 tracks, released 2015-10-25 (M3-36)