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All translations (song titles, lyrics, Fanbox posts) were done by myself unless otherwise noted. In particular, the song title translations are completely unofficial and are only intended as a help for understanding rather than any kind of official title.

If you find an error in a translation (or even any other error at all), contact me! My email is the same as the domain for this website, but with the first of the two dots replaced with an @ sign. Or you can contact me on Twitter at @xa11l2; I don't use that account a lot but my DMs are open.

Lyrics and lyrics transcriptions

Most lyrics on this site were obviously written by Meto, with some guest songs having lyrics by other people instead (this will then be noted on the song page).

With the transcriptions, the situation is a bit more complex. Transcriptions come from the following sources, with descending priority:

  1. Official lyrics texts published by Meto, or the respective artist, themselves. All Metomate vocal songs have lyrics available either on Fanbox or on streaming services. For guest songs, the situation varies: the songs that are the theme song of something (e. g. Mafuyu no Hotaru) tend to have official lyrics texts, but not most of the others.
  2. My own transcription from a CD booklet. This is only possible for the CDs I personally own, of course, but I can be certain about how reliable it is.
  3. Someone else's transcription. If a transcription exists online, but it is not apparent whether it was transcribed from the booklet or by ear, I will not use it for a newly published song page, but some guest song pages I made in the past may still have them.

By the way, I don't consider lyrics transcriptions to be anyone's property. Feel free to use any of my transcriptions for any purpose, as long as you respect the copyright of the original lyrics. Attribution to me is not required (but certainly appreciated!)


The web design for this site was done entirely by myself. In fact, at first this site was more of a web design playground for me rather than anything I expected anyone to actually use. It is fully realised using HTML and CSS, with some clever use of SVG images. The site should also be fully responsive in a continuous way (no media queries were used).

That said, the colour schemes for the Metomate album pages, as well as the backgrounds, were obviously derived from the designs of the albums themselves.

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